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Explore Seer’s growing catalog of 36K+ multi-species proteins—definitively identified by our technology — to see how you can push the boundaries of your proteomics and genomics research.

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Exposome Insights: Decoding Spaceflight and Aging with Proteomics

Hear from renowned researchers Dr. Christopher Mason of Weill Cornell Medicine and Dr. Michael Roberts of Auburn University in this on-demand webinar. Explore the profound effects of spaceflight on human biology and uncover the unique molecular signatures of aging influenced by resistance training. This webinar offers valuable knowledge and insights that you won’t want to miss!

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See why unbiased proteomics is critical to biological research

Download our complimentary research guide to explore the benefits of an unbiased approach.

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We are pioneering new ways to decode the secrets of the proteome to improve human health

Our goal is to empower the scientific community with tools to achieve exceptional scientific outcomes. We are committed to eliminating technology barriers that have kept proteomics from advancing at the pace we have seen in genomics, transcriptomics and other similar fields. At Seer, proteomics is the next frontier in biology motivating us every day in everything we do.

Learn what Seer’s approach can mean for your research.

From a pinhole to a panorama

To build a more transformative view of the proteome, we created a novel technology that provides a new lens on the proteome and enables researchers to now see the breadth, depth and dynamic nature of proteins and peptides. Top researchers are using Seer’s Proteograph™ platform and our technology has been featured in a range of scientific papers and posters.

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Proteograph Product Suite

A new gateway to the proteome

Add unbiased, deep, rapid proteomics studies at scale to any lab with the automated Proteograph Product Suite.

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Customer Story

customer story alex sanford

Alex Rosa Campos, Ph.D.
Proteomics Core Director, NCI-Designated Cancer Center

Sanford Burnham Prebys and Seer

Improve plasma proteomics analysis for better coverage, throughput, and reproducibility.

“The Seer platform allows us to bring these two things together – the throughput and the coverage of the proteome. What excites me is finally being able to see all these low-abundance proteins that are known to play a role in disease and health states.”

Proteomics analysis just got easier

Quickly and accurately analyze your data, investigate complex biology, and discover new biomarkers with Seer’s powerful, easy-to-use Proteograph™ Analysis Suite.

  • Easier to Use: We’ve revamped the interface to make your workflow smoother.
  • Clearer Design: Better visual contrast for easier data analysis.
  • Future Updates: More improvements are on the way later this year.

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Laptop with peptide-level bioinformatics generated by the Proteograph Analysis Suite