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From a pinhole to a panorama

To create a more transformative view of the proteome, we had to create a new technology—one that provides a path for researchers to survey without bias the millions of proteoforms (protein variants) thought to exist within individuals and across populations. To accomplish this, robust measurements must be done across orders of magnitude of protein abundance and across populations over time – with a methodology that is both rapid and scalable. While technologies exist today that can provide one or more of these attributes, Seer is expected to be the first to combine them all into a single, efficient workflow.


Seer technology allows you to see the proteome in new ways with:

Broad affinity range:

Reproducible and selective binding without prior knowledge, using engineered nanoparticles that allow unbiased interrogation of protein variants

Quantitative compression of the dynamic range renders low abundant proteins visible to detectors

Tunable physiochemical properties:

Nearly infinite combination of distinct nanoparticle designs to survey the full richness of proteoform diversity

Extendable to a portfolio of assays that seamlessly integrate into the Proteograph product suite

Robust, simple, and scalable:

Reproducible performance across samples, labs, and experiments

Automated, easy to use, and scalable workflow eliminates the need for lengthy and costly depletion and fractionation required with existing processes, making it simple to see the proteome complexity

Seer employee working in laboratory

We empower the scientific community through the power of proteomics

At Seer, we develop innovative solutions that act as a gateway to the proteome. Our goal is to empower the scientific community with tools to achieve exceptional scientific outcomes. We do this by removing the technological barriers that stand between breakthrough ideas and the information that can make them a reality.

We’re committed to eliminating the obstacles that have kept the potential of proteomics from matching the pace of advancements we’ve seen in other fields, like genomics and transcriptomics. We believe that unbiased, deep, rapid, large-scale proteomics can, and must, become accessible to the broad scientific community so that we may significantly advance our understanding of biology, health, and disease.

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