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Quick Reference Card

This Quick Reference Card provides an overview of the work deck layout and key steps for running the Proteograph Assay method.

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Proteograph Analysis Suite User Guide

Introduces you to the Seer Proteographâ„¢ Analysis Suite (PAS) software application, part of the Seer Proteographâ„¢ Product Suite. With this dedicated software solution, you can process, analyze, and visualize proteomics data sets generated by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS). PAS includes an integrated search engine for identification and annotation of LC-MS data.

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Proteograph Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheets for components included in the Proteograph Assay method.

Proteograph Product Suite User Guide

The Seer Proteographâ„¢ Product Suite provides an integrated workflow for unbiased, deep, and large-scale access to the proteome. This User Guide outlines the protocols for the Proteograph Assay, Peptide Quantification and Peptide Reconstitution methods.