A new gateway to the proteome

Add unbiased, deep, rapid proteomics studies at scale to any lab with the automated Proteograph Product Suite

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Efficient workflows

Simple, elegant preparation

fully automated protocol

Efficient workflows

A single, unified workflow

Go from sample to seeing
more quickly

Efficient workflows

Seamless lab integration

Works with most
LC-MS instruments

Efficient workflows

Scalable analysis suite

Generate insights with
powerful data tools


Enabling researchers globally to access the proteome in a new way

Proteograph Assay Kit

5-nanoparticle panel and consumables

SP100 Instrument

Automated workflow for plasma to MS-ready peptides

Mass Spectrometry*

Works with most LC-MS instruments.
* Not included in Proteograph Product Suite.

Software Tools

Proteograph Analysis Suite of software


Rapid, deep and precise profiling
Nature Communications: Rapid, Deep And Precise Profiling Of The Plasma Proteome With Multi-Nanoparticle Protein Corona

This Nature Communications paper demonstrates that Proteograph technology is unmatched in its combination of depth, breadth, and speed—creating the necessary scale for proteomics profiling studies that lead to unprecedented discovery.

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Discover novel protein biomarkers​

Using Seer’s powerful and unbiased approach, identification of unknown protein targets is now possible

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Characterize genomic variants with proteomic insights

Detect changes in proteins at the amino acid level that are induced by single nucleotide variants

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Resolve biology at the peptide level

Explore proteome complexity and diversity at the peptide and amino acid levels and discover distinct protein variants

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Ask deeper biological questions 

Measure the totality of proteomics information, from amino acid variants to pathway analysis, with the Proteograph Product Suite

Proteograph Product Suite

Proteograph Product Suite-80


Proteograph Assay Kit

  • Nanoparticle Panel
  • Quality Controls
  • Sample Prep Reagents
  • Plasticware

SP100 Automation Instrument

  • SP100 Instrument
  • Instrument Control Software
  • Accessories

Proteograph Analysis Suite

Proteograph Analysis Suite

  • Data Analysis Suite
  • QC Tools & Controls
  • Primary & Secondary Analysis Tools

Have questions about the Proteograph workflow?

Visit our Learning Center for information on running assays on the SP100 Instrument, compatible Mass Spectrometry instruments, unbiased proteomics versus targeted methods, Proteograph service providers, and more.

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