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Seer’s Proteograph™ technology offers richer access to the proteome

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Seer technology for proteomics research

For decades, a limiting factor in proteomics research has been the inability to access the proteome in ways necessary to survey and understand its diversity. Today, deep proteomics workflows are costly, complex, and time-consuming, and researchers continue to face the ongoing tradeoff: the scale of the study or the depth of its coverage.

So, Seer created a new technology and approach to provide a more transformative lens of the proteome.

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Unlock critical, novel biological insights

Seer’s Proteograph technology platform enables you to resolve biology at a more fundamental level, from peptide differential expression to the identification of different biologically relevant proteoforms, by offering the four attributes proteomics studies need today.

Proteograph Key Attributes:

  • Unbiased coverage: Discover new biology, not just what you can capture
  • Deep access: Survey across the dynamic range of proteins in complex samples without depleting or fractionating
  • Rapid workflow: Rely on an optimized, robust workflow to complete your projects with minimal hands-on time
  • Scalable technology: Power longitudinal studies with scalable assay designs

Researchers are making important discoveries with the Proteograph

Being able to catalogue the full set of proteins in any sample, or identify the ones associated with disease, could potentially revolutionize science and healthcare. At Seer, our mission is to pioneer new ways to decode the secrets of the proteome to improve human health.

Ready to level up your proteomics research?

The Proteograph technology enables deep proteome coverage within different biofluids

Seer’s Proteograph workflow

A simplified pathway to get an unlimited, unbiased view of the proteome at scale.

Proteomics Technology

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