Research Guide

The future is unbiased.
See how your proteomics research can benefit from deeper access to the proteome.

This complimentary Research Guide gives you the quick facts on why and how deep, rapid, unbiased proteomics is critical for advancing our understanding of health and biology.


Gain more insight into unbiased proteomic methods and the unique value of Seer’s technology

In this 12-page Research Guide, read about:

  • The complexity of the human proteome and promise of proteomics.
  • Targeted, affinity-based and deep, mass spectrometry-based technologies.
  • Why nanoparticles are a powerful gamechanger.
  • An overview of Seer’s Proteograph™ workflow.
  • How unbiased methods enable biological discovery in plasma proteomics.
  • Recent Proteograph data examples and key takeaways.

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