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App Note
Host cell protein analysis using the Proteograph
The presence of Host Cell Proteins (HCP) in biopharmaceuticals is of great concern owing to their potential to decrease therapeutic efficacy and mediate inappropriate immune responses. This application note describes how the Proteograph product suite can be successfully used for HCP analysis, delivering 4-6 times more identifications than other methods.
User Guide
Stay up to date with the latest Proteograph XT user guide
Ensure you are fully up to date with protocols for the Proteograph XT Assay, Peptide Quantification, and Peptide Reconstitution methods. A valuable reference for experienced users and essential reading if you are new to the assay.
YouTube Playlist
Training videos for the Proteograph XT workflow
Here you will find a series of training videos including all Proteograph XT Assay method steps from start to finish.

Latest Scientific Presentations

Protein coronas on functionalized nanoparticles enable quantitative and precise large-scale deep plasma proteomics
This poster demonstrates how multi-nanoparticle protein corona-based proteomics captures more proteins with accurate fold-changes, linearity, and precision compared to neat digestion plasma workflow.
Deep, unbiased and quantitative mass spectrometry-based plasma proteome analyses of adaptive response to COVID-19 vaccine
This poster demonstrates how the Proteograph workflow performance, in combination with TMT 18-Plex, provides much deeper access to human plasma proteome (i.e., 3,094 proteins) and reveals insights into the inter-individual variation of response to the COVID-19 vaccination.
On-Demand Webinar
Decoding Alzheimer’s and Aging With Proteomics: A New Approach to Biomarker Detection
Biofluids are reservoirs of untapped knowledge that harbor a trove of protein biomarkers, yet complexities impede deep exploration. In this webinar for genomics and proteomics enthusiasts alike, Nate Basisty of the National Institute on Aging and Asim Siddiqui of Seer discussed the transformative power of cutting-edge, unbiased proteomics, harnessed by the Seer Proteograph workflow, and how it is reshaping the realms of aging and Alzheimer's disease (AD) research.

Proteomics Industry News

Yahoo Finance
Proteomics Market Size is projected to grow at a 12.5% CAGR by 2030
China launches 30-year, multibillion RMB proteomics initiative: The π-HuB Consortium
Technology Networks
Trends and advancements in proteomics

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