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Intro Video for App Note
Comprehensive and automated profiling of Host Cell Proteins using the Proteograph XT Workflow
This application note demonstrates how the Proteograph XT platform increases discovery depth, simplifies HCP MS sample prep workflow and compares with peer-reviewed articles to benchmark the Protegraph XT performances using the NIST 8671 mAB.

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App Note
Unbiased and deep proteomic analysis of secretome samples using the Proteograph XT workflow
This application note illustrates the capability of the Proteograph XT workflow for comprehensive proteomic characterization of conditioned media secretomes, highlighting advantages achieved without the need for traditional preprocessing and sample manipulation protocols.
Quick Reference Card
Proteogenomics Workflow in PAS 2.0
This quick reference card provides an overview of key steps for initiating and viewing proteogenomic analyses in PAS 2.0.

Customer Publications

Karsten Suhre, et al.
Nanoparticle enrichment mass-spectrometry proteomics identifies protein-altering variants for precise pQTL mapping
Brian Koh, et al.
Multi-omics profiling with untargeted proteomics for blood-based early detection of lung cancer
Michael Roberts, et al.
A novel deep proteomic approach in human skeletal muscle unveils distinct molecular signatures affected by aging and resistance training
Jon Brudvig, et al.
Longitudinal Deep Multi-Omics Profiling in a CLN3Δex7/8 Minipig Model Reveals Novel Biomarker Signatures for Batten Disease
Jessica Lasky-Su, et al.
OMICmAge: An integrative multi-omics approach to quantify biological age with electronic medical records

Proteomics Industry News

Seer Inc.
Protein Coronas on Functionalized Nanoparticles Enable Quantitative and Precise Large-Scale Deep Plasma Proteomics
Mass Spec Retakes Center Stage in 2023 as Next-Gen Proteomics Startups Struggle
Yahoo! Finance
Global Proteomics Market to Reach $65.3 Billion by 2030

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