Applications are now closed

Seer Insights Grant Program

Empowering discovery and exploring new horizons in proteomics research.
The next open application period will begin in early 2025.

Applications Are Now Closed

At Seer, we are proud to be part of a community not just witnessing advancements in healthcare; we are helping to drive them. Our Insights Grant Program is designed to connect with innovative, collaborative researchers like you who need access to deep, unbiased proteomics insights to keep pushing science forward.

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Insights Grant Benefits and Opportunities

  1. Six grant recipients will receive white-glove service, leveraging Seer’s cutting-edge technology and expertise from sample preparation to data analysis, to pursue critical biological inquiries. Four grants will support studies of 40 samples and two grants will support studies of 160 samples. Additionally, each recipient will receive a cash grant of US$500. For more details, refer to the Official Rules.
  2. Open to researchers in Oncology, Cardiometabolic, and Neurology fields looking to innovate and gain novel insights with the Proteograph Product Suite.
  3. Showcase your work. Grant recipients will have the opportunity to present their groundbreaking research in Seer-sponsored workshops at top scientific conferences, so you can connect with experts and broaden the impact of your research.
  4. Join a community of scientific excellence. Seer is committed to fostering a collaborative environment that celebrates innovation and pioneering new ways to decode the biology of the proteome to improve human health.

How to submit a strong proposal

Frequently Asked Questions

The Seer Insights Grant Program is a pioneering initiative aimed at supporting researchers in the fields of complex biological diseases by providing access to advanced proteomic technologies. Recognizing the perceived challenges associated with mass spectrometry proteomics, such as cost and data analysis complexity, Seer is committed to breaking down these barriers.

The Seer Insights Grant Program is designed to empower researchers to explore proteomics with greater ease, fostering innovation and collaboration while ensuring superior depth in protein discovery. Through this initiative, Seer seeks to accelerate breakthroughs in the understanding and treatment of complex diseases, promoting accessibility and excellence in proteomic research.

We recognize the immense potential for groundbreaking discoveries in these areas and aim to facilitate researchers by providing a grant of STAC service (four grants of 40 samples per grant, and two grants of 160 samples per grant), coupled with complimentary access to state-of-the-art mass spectrometry services and up to 80 hours of Seer’s dedicated online bioinformatics support.

The Insights Grant Program is open to researchers in Oncology, Cardiometabolic, and Neurology. All applicants must be affiliated with a recognized research institution or organization in the United States or Canada (excluding the province of Quebec). Please review the Official Rules for more information.

The proposed project should align with the capabilities of Seer’s Proteograph XT technology. Learn more about the Proteograph Product Suite. Only applications that address Cardiometabolic, Neurology, or Oncology research areas will be considered.

Proposals will be evaluated by a panel of scientific leaders from academia and industry, including members of Seer’s Scientific Advisory Board. The review process will occur on a rolling basis as proposals are received. Equally weighted judging criteria will be:

Scientific Merit:

  • Demonstrated expertise and track record of the applicant and the Principal Investigator (PI) in the field of proposed research.
  • The level of success achieved in past projects led by the PI, as evaluated through the publication record.
  • Alignment of the applicant’s and PI’s expertise with the goals and requirements of the proposed research, particularly within the framework of the Proteograph workflow.

Impact of Research:

  • Contribution to advancing knowledge and addressing significant challenges in “Oncology”, “Neurology”, or “Cardiometabolic” fields through proteomic research.
  • Originality of the proposed research approach and methodology.
  • Establishing clear avenues for translating research findings into practical applications that can benefit both the business and healthcare sectors.
  • Potential for resulting publications, presentations, and other communications to disseminate findings to the scientific community and beyond.

Alignment of Seer Technology to Proposed Research:

  • Concise clarification of the constraints inherent in current proteomics methodologies that hinder the achievement of the research goals.
  • Explanation of how Seer technology improves the quality, efficiency, and depth of investigations.

Experimental Approach:

  • Clarity and coherence of the proposed research approach.
  • Depth of experimental design and analytical methodologies.
  • Feasibility of the work plan, considering resources, timeline, and potential challenges.
  • Description of how the Seer Proteograph workflow will be utilized to address research questions.

Acknowledging the perceived barriers associated with mass spectrometry proteomics, often viewed as expensive and daunting in data analysis, we seek to break down these barriers and make this powerful technology more accessible.

With the Seer Proteograph XT platform, we offer researchers an opportunity to delve into proteomics without the constraints of cost and complexity, providing superior depth in protein discovery and coverage. By offering the Insights Grant Program, we aspire to empower researchers to unlock new insights, foster collaboration, and drive advancements in the understanding and treatment of complex diseases.

Seer will cover the cost of STAC service (four grants of 40 samples per grant, and two grants of 160 samples per grant), coupled with complimentary access to state-of-the-art mass spectrometry services and up to 80 hours of Seer’s dedicated online bioinformatics support.

Grant Recipients acknowledge and agree that if invited they will participate and present scientific findings at a mutually agreeable Seer workshop in 2025.

Acceptance of the grant constitutes permission to use the Grant Recipient’s name, biographical information, likeness, and company information without further compensation, except where prohibited by law and as otherwise provided herein. Grant Recipients agree if invited to participate in webinars, social videos, and/or digital ads, and to sign Seer’s STAC Terms and Conditions and appearance and likeness release.


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Tips for Submitting a Strong Proposal

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