Program Overview

Seer has partnered with select, leading service providers world-wide to accelerate the adoption of unbiased, deep proteomics at scale by making it easier for customers to access the Proteograph Product Suite for projects.


Seer Centers of Excellence have the following key attributes:

  • Demonstrated expertise in proteomics and multi-omics
  • Commitment to collaborating with Seer to make it easier for customers to perform unbiased, deep proteomics at scale by providing product and workflow feedback
  • Ability to deliver the highest quality service and experience to our shared customers

North America

Allumiqs is dedicated to elevating and enabling multiomics-driven solutions to help biotech and biopharma researchers accelerate their discoveries and get to market faster.

As a strategic, outsourced solutions partner for researchers, Allumiqs brings together patented sample preparation tools and strategies, mass spectrometry services, and data analytics that move ideas from the lab bench to scalable impact. Allumiqs solutions are applied across a broad range of drug discovery and development research in both human and animal health to overcome customer time and throughput challenges, insource multiomics expertise, and bring deeper insights to research data analysis.

Precision Biomarker Laboratories (PBL) is a commercial contract research organization, wholly owned by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. As a global CRO, they offer a comprehensive array of proteomics services that drive healthcare advancement via precision medicine. With a dedicated team of experts, state-of-the-art technologies, and high-throughput workflows, PBL streamlines the journey from discovery to clinical validation, empowering researchers worldwide to achieve their scientific goals efficiently and effectively.

Discovery Life Sciences is the global market leader in Biospecimen analysis, procurement, distribution, and Biomarker Services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostics industries. HudsonAlpha Discovery is Discovery’s globally recognized sequencing and bioinformatics division that leverages the most current short and long read genomic analysis technologies to comprehensively support discovery, translational, and clinical research. Driven by science, the Discovery team engages with customers in an innovative, consultative approach to support the rapid acquisition and analysis of data to support decision making and the deployment of new innovations. We are Science at your Service™.

Panome Bio is committed to making next generation functional phenotyping possible with Next-Generation Metabolomics and proteomics. We offer advanced methodology to create solutions for important biological questions. We are committed to making a significant impact on research and development, in a manner that provides value and respect for our employees and customers.


Svetlana Maurya, Ph.D.,
Associate Director, Proteomics Core



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The Sanford Burnham Prebys Proteomics Core provides state-of-the-art mass spectrometry-based proteomics services including identification, quantification and characterization of proteins and their post-translational modifications. In addition to label-free global quantitative proteomic profiling, we also offer isobaric tagging technology such as TMT (up to 18 plex channels). The Proteomics Core is equipped with three mass-spectrometry platforms, automated liquid handling systems for sample preparation including Seer’s Proteograph Product Suite, and a robust computational infrastructure and software. Currently staffed with 3 PhD-level scientists and seasoned research associates, we bring more than 20 years of experience in mass spectrometry and proteomics.

Asia Pacific

Soulbrain Holdings has been promoting the diversification of their business portfolio in in vitro diagnostics for the purpose of distribution of specialized reagents and point of care medical devices in parallel with investment in global companies proven to have competitive and disruptive technology in Life Science field. Soulbrain has secured a domestic Proteograph™ platform business with Seer by applying technology for broad-scale proteomic profiling, and will launch our premier services in Korea in Q122.


Evotec is one of the global leaders in providing drug discovery solutions on a stand-alone basis or through holistic, fully integrated drug discovery solutions. As part of Evotec’s industrialized high-throughput multi-omics platform EVOpanOmics, we are operating two of the best-equipped mass-spectrometry based proteomics facilities, with unprecedented throughput of >100,000 samples per year.

Unbiased proteomics allows identifying proteins that can serve as novel diagnostic or predictive biomarkers to enable patient stratification for personalized therapies. Evotec supports biomarker discovery from human clinical cohorts as well as from pre-clinical animal models and offers integrated bioinformatics services to leverage the full potential of your proteomics data. Together with our partners, we are expanding the use of Proteograph platform beyond serum and plasma proteomics to study cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), urine, secretome and other challenging biofluid specimen.