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We empower the scientific community through the power of proteomics

At Seer, we develop innovative solutions that act as a gateway to the proteome. Our goal is to empower the scientific community with tools to achieve exceptional outcomes. We do this by removing the technological barriers that stand between breakthrough ideas and the information that can make them a reality.

Over the last 15 years, the fields of genomics and transcriptomics have undergone an explosion in content and discovery, fueled by massively parallel technologies that made large-scale studies possible and tractable. Advancement in those fields have deepened our understanding of biology and ushered in new treatment mechanisms and diagnostics solutions that impact everyday human life.

Similar capabilities have evaded the field of proteomics. As a result, researchers have been forced into a tradeoff: the scale of the study, or the depth of its coverage. Until now.

We’re committed to eliminating the obstacles that have kept proteomics’ potential from matching the pace of advancements we’ve seen in other fields. We believe that unbiased, deep, rapid, large-scale proteomics can, and must, become accessible to the broad scientific community so that we may significantly advance our understanding of biology, health, and disease. And those studies will require solutions that allow us to accurately survey and analyze the full diversity of proteins across individuals, over time.

Our solution starts with proprietary engineered nanoparticles

The Seer approach combines proprietary engineered nanoparticles with an automated assay solution to provide an unmatched combination of unbiased, deep, rapid, and scalable workflow to give you a clearer view of the proteome.

Our solutions will enable basic and translational researchers to see the proteome through an entirely new lens – one that does not compromise their ability to see the proteome’s richness and diversity across individuals. We believe that only by accessing the proteome deeply, and across large numbers of samples, will we see its full complexity—which will let us all see it more simply. And that’s where transformative biological breakthroughs can begin.

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Our Leadership

A team to lead transformation through the field of proteomics

We are led by experts from diverse fields of science and technology, all of whom are passionate about solving difficult problems through science.

Omid Farokhzad

Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Omead Ostadan

President & Chief Operating Officer

David R. Horn

Chief Financial Officer

Philip Ma

Founder and Strategic Advisor

Martin Goldberg

VP, Product Development

Damian Harris

VP, Engineering

Jen Maggio

VP, Corporate Controller

Asim Siddiqui

VP, Software and Applications

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Philip Ma is the Chief Business Officer for Seer. Previously, he was Vice-President for Digital Health Technologies and Data Sciences at Biogen, a group that he established in 2015 to discover insights and create value for Biogen and its patients. Prior to joining Biogen, Philip was Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, where he served global leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, leading the West Coast Healthcare Practice and global Personalized Medicine practice for the Firm. Active in community affairs, Philip also serves on the Board of Committee of 100, a group of Chinese-American business and community leaders focused on U.S. China relations and the Asian-American experience. Before McKinsey, Philip was a macromolecular crystallographer in the lab of Dr. Carl O. Pabo at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he received his Ph.D. in Biology. Philip also has degrees in Biochemistry (A.B. from Harvard College) and in Economics (MPhil from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar).