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Exposome Insights

Decoding spaceflight and aging with proteomics

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On-Demand Webinar from Seer - Exposome Insights: Decoding spaceflight and aging with proteomics, with Dr. Chris Mason and Dr. Mike Roberts

Recent technological breakthroughs are enabling scientists to make remarkable progress in exposome research, enhancing our understanding of how environmental factors impact human health.

In this webinar, leading experts share insights into an extensive multiomics study that examined the impacts of short-duration spaceflight on human health and a skeletal muscle study that explored how exercise influences muscle proteome health and aging.

You will learn how Seer’s Proteograph™ technology offers new research techniques, helping pinpoint protein changes in plasma and reveal novel insights in muscle tissue to advance biological discovery.

This webinar is best for:

  • Exposome, proteomics, and multiomics researchers.
  • Scientists focused on tissue and muscle proteome research.
  • General scientific community.

Things you’ll learn about:

  • How Chris Mason, PhD, and Weill Cornell Medicine team revealed novel data profiling astronaut secretome from SpaceX’s spaceflight mission, Inspiration4.
  • Insights into how spaceflight affects human physiology and the potential for long-term health impacts.
  • How Mike Roberts, PhD., and Auburn University team identified over 10k proteins examining skeletal muscle proteomics profiles in younger and middle-aged adults.
  • Insights into the intersection of aging, exercise, and protein expression in human muscle tissue.
  • About the highly sensitive, species-agnostic Proteograph proteomics workflow that enables superior protein identification with precise quantification.

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