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Decoding Alzheimer’s and Aging With Proteomics

Discovering novel biomarkers in cellular aging research via mice and Alzheimer’s disease studies.

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Decoding Alzheimer's and Aging With Proteomics: A new approach to biomarker detection

Biofluids are reservoirs of untapped knowledge that harbor a trove of protein biomarkers, yet their complexities impede deep exploration.

In this webinar, learn how the transformative power of cutting-edge, unbiased proteomics, harnessed by Seer’s Proteograph™ workflow, is helping breakthrough study depth challenges and reshape the realms of cellular aging and Alzheimer’s disease research.

We unveil groundbreaking insights from a study on Alzheimer’s disease progression, highlighting how the Proteograph XT is shedding new light on pathophysiological pathways, biomarkers, and early detection potential.

This webinar is best for:

  • Proteomics and genomics research professionals.
  • Scientists focused on the study of biofluids and neurology.
  • General scientific community.

Things you’ll learn about:

  • Seer’s and National Institute on Aging’s (NIA) unique methods using deep, unbiased proteomics workflows with the Proteograph for biomarker detection.
  • NIA’s study profiling with minimal serum volume in mouse models to uncover cellular senescence protein signatures and decode the secrets of aging.
  • An 1,800-sample study of AD progression and the novel discoveries made.

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