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1 June 2020

ASMS: Proteograph™, a novel multi-nanoparticle platform, enables rapid and deep proteomics profiling, significantly improving coverage, throughput, and scalability versus existing methods

ASMS Reboot – 68th Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics– June 2020


John E. Blume1*; Shadi Ferdosi1; Daniel Hornburg1; Matthew E. K. Chang2; Philip C. M. Ma1; Omid C. Farokhzad1; Mark R. Flory2; Patrick A. Everley1

¹Seer, Inc., Redwood City, CA – *
²OHSU – Knight Cancer Institute- Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research Center (CEDAR), Portland, OR



Plasma proteins should be useful biomarkers for disease detection, yet only ~120 are FDA approved. Productive biomarker discovery studies are resource-limited requiring complex workflows that operate with trade-offs in throughput, scalability, coverage, and precision.  Thus, there is a need for new technological solutions for large-scale proteomic studies. Herein, we describe Proteograph, a novel platform leveraging the nano-bio interactions of nanoparticles and their distinct biophysicochemical properties in forming protein coronas for deep and unbiased proteomic sampling. We compare our platform to alternative methods for unbiased proteomics profiling. On all measures, including speed, coverage, and precision, Proteograph is superior, for the first time putting unbiased plasma profiling at the required throughput for large-scale clinical studies and biomarker discovery efforts. Proteograph is the first unbiased platform for large-scale proteome profiling studies quantifying thousands of proteins across large numbers of samples.


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