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Unraveling Neurological Diseases

Model organisms reveal critical insights into Batten disease, a pediatric neurodegenerative disorder.

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Unraveling Neurological Diseases: Biomarker discovery with advanced multi-omics and model organisms.

CLN3 Batten disease, a pediatric lysosomal storage disorder, affects approximately 1 in 100,000 individuals, making it the most common pediatric neurodegenerative disorder worldwide. Yet, a lack of etiological insights and translatable biomarkers has significantly slowed therapy development.

In this webinar, we discuss a novel multiomics study of a Yucatan Minipig model organism, powered by Seer’s Proteograph™ workflow, and the novel CLN3 disease-related biomarkers and molecular insights discovered.

Helping advance neurological disease treatment research for targeted therapies, this is the most exhaustive in-depth multiomics profiling ever conducted on serum from a porcine model with thousands of proteins, 10,000+ peptides, and metabolome data.

This webinar is best for:

  • Proteomics and multiomics research professionals.
  • Scientists studying neurodegenerative disorders, biofluids, and/or model organisms.
  • General scientific community.

Things you’ll learn about:

  • Seer’s Proteograph™ XT and nanoparticle-based workflow.
  • How Sanford Research discovered novel CLN3-related biomarkers and molecular insights in a Yucatan Minipig disease model, utilizing a novel multiomics approach.
  • The Proteograph’s species-agnostic capabilities for processing low-volume samples.

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