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Maximize Genetic Discovery

Insights into pQTL and proteogenomics for advanced genetic research.

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Maximize Genetic Discovery: Harnessing pQTLs and proteogenomics for powerful insights.

In the rapidly evolving field of genetics research, precise mapping of protein quantitative trait loci (pQTLs) has emerged as crucial to understanding underlying biology.

This webinar introduces the next frontier – merging proteogenomics with state-of-the-art techniques – to significantly elevate the precision and scope of pQTL studies.

You will gain insights into how the combination of Seer’s Proteograph™ technology with mass-spectrometry techniques overcome traditional shortfalls and offer unprecedented depth in the study of protein functions and their genetic foundations.

This webinar is best for:

  • Proteomics, mass spectrometry, genomics, and proteogenomics research professionals.
  • Scientists focused on the study of pQTLs and genetics research.
  • General scientific community.

Things you’ll learn about:

  • Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar’s groundbreaking study quantifying over 18,000 unique peptides from ~3,000 proteins to identify protein-altering variants and variant peptides.
  • Addressing challenges (i.e., target identity and non-specific binding issues) in high-throughput affinity proteomics.
  • The identification and significance of protein-altering variants and variant peptides, refining pQTLs studies.
  • Integrating proteomic data with genomics (GWAS) to traverse new dimensions in drug target prioritization and genetic discoveries.
  • The high performance of Seer’s Proteograph workflow for precise mapping of pQTLs.

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