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Breakthrough in Plasma Proteomics

Advances in mass spec technology are drastically improving plasma proteomics with the Proteograph XT.

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Plasma proteomics plays a crucial role in understanding disease mechanisms, identifying biomarkers, and developing personalized medicine approaches. However, the comprehensive analysis of plasma proteomes has long been challenging due to the immense complexity and dynamic range of protein concentrations.

In this Thermo Fisher-hosted webinar, we demonstrate how the combination of the Proteograph™ workflow with mass spectrometry is significantly enhancing the efficiency, sensitivity, and throughput of plasma proteomics analysis.

This webinar is best for:

  • Proteomics and mass spectrometry research professionals.
  • Scientists working with Seer’s Proteograph platform.
  • General scientific community.

Things you’ll learn about:

  • The complex world – challenges and opportunities – of plasma proteomics.
  • Seer’s Proteograph workflow and nanoparticle technology.
  • Thermo Fisher’s mass spectrometry technologies for proteomics research.
  • How advancements in technology are enabling researchers to overcome traditional study challenges.
  • The powerful combination of the Proteograph with mass spectrometry technologies to uncover novel biological insights.

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