Data Scientist, Proteomics

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Seer is seeking a Data Scientist, who will be empowered to design, build, optimize & maintain our proteomic data analysis tool suite. The Data Scientist will work closely with the Mass Spectrometry team and data engineers to continually improve the proteomic computational tool pipelines, maximizing  Seer’s proprietary technology platform.  The ideal candidate will have significant relevant proteomic computational tool experience and a track record of accomplishments in academia or in the life sciences/pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry. The driving focus of the Data Science team, working closely with the Mass Spectrometry group, is to extract value and insights from large scale datasets produced by Seer-technology. This role requires a strong entrepreneurial orientation, highly developed team skills and a burning desire to learn & grow. The successful candidate is expected to have a background in computer science, bioinformatics and/or biochemistry with 5-6 years industry experience in proteomics, ideally within both larger and smaller diagnostics & life sciences companies or proteomic software providers.

This role will be based in the South San Francisco office through late 2019. Please note, the company is moving to its permanent location in Redwood City at the end of the year.


Areas of specific responsibility and attention will include the following:

  • The analysis, selection & iteration of Seer’s computational proteomic data processing pipeline – maximizing the identification and quantification of the features present in the raw mass spectrometry data.
  • Partner with data engineers to ensure all optimizations can scale
  • Carefully curate generated data sets, optimizing for traceability and ease of access
  • Stay current with developments in proteomic data analysis  and internally promote new techniques/ideas
  • Interact with company leadership to develop Seer’s data strategy
  • Work closely with the Mass Spectrometry group as well as interact, collaborate, and support other functional teams within the broader Seer Research, Development, and Clinical framework


The successful candidate for the position of Data Scientist must have a demonstrated record of accomplishments in academia or the life sciences industry. The ideal candidate will have had significant experience building many complex proteomic analysis pipelines across a suite of tools. Candidates must bring a strong entrepreneurial orientation along with teamwork skills and an absolute commitment to competing with the highest level of integrity. 

Key requirements include:

  • Bachelor of Science (or equivalent) in relevant discipline such as computer science, bioinformatics, molecular biology or biochemistry. Further graduate degree preferred.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience (6+ preferred) in an academic or life-sciences industry laboratory setting (biotech start-up experience preferred)
  • Extensive hand-on experience with a number of search engines such as X!Tandem, Mascot, MSGFPlus, Andromeda (MaxQuant) , Skyline, etc. Deep understanding of the pros & cons of each engine, configuration options, databases and subsequent pipeline. Knowledge of both open source and commercial offerings
  • Demonstrable experience with pipeline software such as OpenMS, Knime, Luigi other popular tools and bespoke tools
  • Strong hands-on R and/or Python
  • Strong written and oral communications skills, with demonstrated experience in cross-functional and timely communication
  • Strong and collaborative work ethic; must be a self-starter and persistent in achieving objectives to support Seer’s scientific and business goals
  • Must work well in a small team setting, with ability to work independently and collaboratively, while meeting scheduled deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Highly organized, exceptional attention to detail, and strong proficiency in documentation skills


Bachelor of Science (or equivalent) in relevant discipline. Further graduate degree preferred. 5-6 years of industry experience in a relevant field is required. Specific title and responsibilities are flexible to match a given candidate’s experience.