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Introducing the Proteograph XT

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You can identify protein variants across diverse species and sample types.

Diverse species such as swine, primates, humans, canines, and rodents

Sample types such as serum, conditioned media, plasma, biologics, and biofluids

When you’re looking for biological unknowns, you need a high-throughput workflow with deep discovery power.

XT Sight

With proprietary engineered nanoparticles that detect novel variants and biomarkers, you gain high-resolution, direct sightlines into the proteome at the peptide level.

  • Average of 40,000 peptide IDs per sample* * 1% False Discovery Rate (FDR)
  • High accuracy and reproducibility
  • Approaching pennies per peptide in your total cost of discovery

See how you can get direct sightlines into the proteome at the peptide level – across a wide range of concentrations – for visibility of unparalleled breadth and depth.

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XT Scope

By extending across multiple species and sample types, our assay adds flexibility and scope to your studies.

  • Species agnostic
  • From unbiased discovery to targeted MS-based assays
  • Ideal for complex and low-volume samples
  • Assesses clinically important biofluids

See how the Proteograph provides significantly deeper proteome coverage compared to a traditional neat sample digestion workflow.

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XT Speed

Automated workflow with minimal hands-on time allows you to get to results faster.

  • Process 400 samples per week on a single instrument with 2 shifts per day – 40 samples per run
  • Insights in minutes, not hours, with Proteograph Analysis Suite (PAS) using preconfigured data pipelines
  • Only 2 mass spec injections, and 1 hour to read out time per sample

See how any lab can process hundreds of samples quickly and with confidence.

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XT Scale

The scalability of the Proteograph method enables you to undertake studies of significance.

  • Run 20k samples per year with 1 Proteograph Product Suite and 2 LC-MS
  • Cloud scalable architecture
  • Automatic MS data upload

See how the Proteograph method increases your discovery power, and scalable data management allows for simplified processing and analysis.

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Why customers are choosing Seer

The technology allows us to perform statistically powered proteomic biomarker discovery campaigns directly in clinically accessible, yet complex and historically challenging, liquid biopsy specimen types.
Mark R. Flory, PhD Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health and Science University LinkedIn

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