Proteograph Analysis Suite

Proteograph Analysis Suite

Analyze your data in a matter of minutes and just a few clicks

Quickly and accurately analyze your data, investigate complex biology, and discover new biomarkers with Seer’s powerful, easy-to-use Proteograph™ Analysis Suite 2.0.

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The Proteograph Analysis Suite (PAS) provides seamless QC and data analysis designed for speed and reproducibility, enabling powerful biological insights.


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Identify variant peptides with new Proteogenomic workflow

Level up your biological discoveries with a new Proteogenomic workflow now available in Proteograph Analysis Suite 2.0. With this first-of-its-kind, scalable, high-resolution workflow you can build a custom peptide database, perform variant peptide searches and explore your results all in one day.

How it works

Proteogenomics insights

  • Identify disease-specific peptides: maximize insights by combining genomic and proteomic data.
  • Refine gene models: accelerate the study of the molecular basis of human disease.
  • Explore protein diversity: better understand actionable proteins for targeted disease.

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Seamless data processing​

Intuitive analysis wizards with pre-configured Analysis Protocols simplify setup and statistical filtering

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Simplified QC assessment and performance monitoring

Automatically perform quality control evaluation of your data in a customizable, color-coded dashboard

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Intuitive results summaries and visualizations

Interpret your results in accessible, easy to understand formats and export results and graphics for downstream work

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Biological insight made easy with Group Analysis

Quickly identify sample-specific proteome differences and isolate data trends using differential expression, functional enrichment and protein-protein interaction plots

Get a clearer view of the proteome

In this scientific poster, PAS enables large-scale proteogenomics analysis, identification of variant peptides, and novel insights in a non-small cell lung cancer cohort.

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Discover a new world of proteomic possibilities

Quickly and accurately analyze your data, investigate complex biology, and discover new biomarkers with a powerful, easy-to-use analysis tool.

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Proteograph Analysis Suite Release Notes

Learn about current and previous versions of Proteograph Analysis Suite

PAS 2.0

Release Notes

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PAS 1.5

Release Notes

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Proteograph™ Analysis Suite / Proteograph Data Analysis

Have questions about the Proteograph’s data analysis process? Visit our Learning Center for information on PAS 2.0, integrating Mass Spectrometry tools, the new Proteogenomics workflow, choosing proteomics software, cloud computing in proteomics, and more.

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