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Tackle proteome studies of varying sizes with the Proteograph Product Suite

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Automated Solution

Put Seer’s proprietary nanoparticles to work with an easy-to-use, fully automated protocol

The automated Proteograph workflow is optimized for multiple samples in a single run and includes quality controls to ensure robust measurements. Survey thousands of proteins with precision – without sacrificing nuance – in hours.



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Sample & Nanoparticles

Load the SP100 instrument with consumables and your samples and press start, beginning the automated protocol.


Protein Corona Formation

The instrument will divide each of the samples into five aliquots, adding one of five nanoparticles to each aliquot. Each distinctly functionalized nanoparticle will produce a specific and reproducible corona from the proteins contained within the sample, selected​ by that particle’s properties.​


Incubation & Wash

The samples are then incubated, pulled down using the inherent magnetic properties of the nanoparticles, and washed.​


Protein Digestion

Following the washes, the proteins are denatured and digested directly on the particles to yield tryptic peptides.


Peptide Clean-Up

Peptides are purified using solid-phase extraction on the instrument.


Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Purified peptides are ready to be dried and injected onto a mass spectrometer.​


Data Analysis

Data are uploaded for QC, analysis and insights using the Proteograph Analysis Suite.

Proteograph Instrument Control Software

The Proteograph Instrument Control Software (ICS) is used for experimental set up and SP100 instrument operation. The intuitive touchscreen interface guides users through all steps of the Proteograph automated workflow.


Seer’s Nanoparticles

Have questions about Seer’s proprietary engineered nanoparticles and Proteograph workflow? Visit our Learning Center for information on nanoparticles, how they can enable broad and deep coverage of the plasma protein, and what makes Seer’s approach unique.

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