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19th Annual US HUPO Conference

03/04/2023 - 03/08/2023

VISIT SEER AT US HUPO Conference 2023, Booth #107

March 4-8, 2023 | Chicago, IL

Stay connected with Seer while at @US_HUPO via Twitter and LinkedIn.

Seer is proud to be a Premier Sponsor of the 2023 US HUPO Conference. We are pleased to join you in Chicago to learn more about your research discoveries and needs and share with you how Seer’s automated, unbiased proteomics platform and proprietary nanoparticles offer deep, rapid proteomics studies at scale, providing researchers an exciting new lens on the proteome.

Please plan to join our lunch seminar and check out the posters and presentations featuring Seer Technology.


Seer Lunch Seminar – Tuesday, March 7, 2023


Next Generation Proteomics: the future of biomarker discovery with the Proteograph™ Product Suite

It’s time to take your LCMS-based proteomics to the next level and ensure your lab is at the forefront of biomarker discovery! Join us for an informative and engaging conversation with our expert speakers, discussing the latest advancements in plasma proteomics and the performance of the Proteograph workflow in large-scale plasma cohort studies. This seminar is the perfect opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of next-generation proteomics. Register now!

Dr. Aaron Gajadhar, Seer, Inc.
Dr. Asim Siddiqui, Seer, Inc.

Monday, March 6

Large-scale, deep plasma protein profiling: An 1800 sample study of Alzheimer’s disease.
Oral Presentation: Parallel Session 3

A high-throughput and robust multi nanoparticle-based label-free mass spectrometry workflow for deep plasma proteomics at scale  
Poster Number: P1.11

Applying Automated Machine Learning to Accelerate Large-Scale Proteomics Data Analysis
Poster Number: P08.01

Systematic analysis of DIA LC-MS protein rollup strategies and their impact on phenotype association and proteogenomic applications
Poster Number: P8.05

A Cloud-scalable Software Suite for Large-Scale Proteogenomics Data Analysis and Visualization
Poster Number: P9.11

Deep, Unbiased and Quantitative mass spectrometry-based plasma proteome analyses of adaptive response to COVID-19 vaccine
Poster Number: P15.05

Assessment of pQTL method performance reveals optimal proteogenomic approach to assess the impact of genetic variation on plasma protein levels
Poster Number: P17.23

Tuesday, March 7

Evaluation of an unbiased and scalable multi nanoparticle-based deep proteomics workflow for limited-volume plasma analysis in small model organisms
Poster Number: P1.06

Unbiased human biofluids analysis using a scalable, deep, automated, multi-nanoparticle-based proteomics workflow
Poster Number: P1.08

Robust, high throughput and deep plasma proteomics with a multi nanoparticle-based workflow coupled with Orbitrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometry and FAIMS peptide separation
Poster Number: P17.04


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