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Seer CEO Omid Farokhzad shares his perspective on how multidisciplinary approaches, including proteomics and genomics, will greatly expand our knowledge of biology and human health as part of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News’ 40th anniversary issue.

This article in BioCentury explains how ‘omics technologies can improve the runway to drug approvals across diverse disease areas. For mass-spectrometry-based proteomic and metabolomic measurements the ability to capture a wider range of biological complexity is a more direct reflection of a patient’s state of health. (Subscription required)

Dr. Omid Farokhzad, Chair, CEO and Founder of Seer, discusses how Seer’s cutting edge work with protein and proteomics is removing technological barriers and providing scientists with better tools to make breakthroughs than ever before.

BioReport Podcast: CEO Omid Farokhzad explains why, although great progress has been made in understanding the human genome, the human proteome remains relatively unexplored.

Motley Fool: interview with CEO Omid Farokhzad on the future of proteomics.

Benzinga: interview with CEO Omid Farokhzad on the importance of proteomics

Seer signs agreement with Sciex: Seer and SCIEX have signed a commercial agreement to provide end to end unbiased proteomics solutions.

Seer adds board members: Seer appoints Deep Nishar and Mostafa Ronaghi, Ph.D. to its Board of Directors

Seer and Bruker Sign Commercial Agreement to Expand Market for Unbiased, Deep Proteomics

Seer Signs Commercial Agreement to Provide Complete End-to-End Solution for Unbiased, Deep, Rapid and Large-Scale Proteomics