Introducing the Proteograph XT

Proteomics Roadshow

Join us at our exclusive events to hear from Proteomic experts how deep proteomic exploration can allow for discovery of proteoforms, in countless samples, unlocking insights into important genetic variations.

Europe: September 19 – 21

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A high-throughput workflow with deep discovery power

Each interactive 2.5-hour session, you can look forward to:

  • Learning how Proteomics experts are making at-scale proteomics a reality, and pushing science forward in Neurology, Oncology, and more.
  • Meeting with technical specialists to see live demos of the Proteograph Analysis Suite using human plasma and showcasing proteogenomics data.
  • Exploring multiple ways to access the power of deep, unbiased proteomics data via a variety of solutions that can help you pursue insights and answers to critical biological questions.

Featured Speakers

Michael Wierer
Director at Proteomics Research Infrastructure (PRI)

Carleen Kluger, Ph.D.
GL, Clinical Proteomics, Mass Spectrometry, Evotec

Look for answers with greater access to the proteome

average peptide IDs1
species agnostic
samples per year2
analytical insights in minutes3

1. 1% False Discovery Rate (FDR)
2. One Proteograph Product Suite & 2 LC-MS
3. PAS & prebuilt data pipelines

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