Research Associate, Assay Development

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Seer is seeking a Research Associate, Assay Development, who will implement and contribute to the design of biochemical experiments that support the development and operation of the company’s protein assays. These assays form the foundation of breakthrough products and services in proteomic data, which Seer will provide to patients and clinicians. The Research Associate, Assay Development will report to the Senior Scientist of Assay Development. The specific assays developed for Seer will leverage nanoparticles, immunoassays, as well as the use of mass spectrometry as a detection approach.

The successful candidate is expected to have a background in biochemistry, biology, or pharmacology with experience in academia and/or industry, ideally within life sciences companies. Experience in industry, including the implementation of SOPs and testing in support of clinical or pre-clinical products is strongly desired.

This role will be based in the South San Francisco office through late 2019. Please note, the company is moving to its permanent location in Redwood City at the end of the year.


Areas of specific responsibility and attention will include the following:

  • Participate in the design, development, and implementation of biochemical experiments to support assay projects and development of the core protein assay platform, with specific emphasis on proteomic assays such as, ELISA, HPLC and mass spectrometry.
  • Assay development with ELISA and immunoassay multiplexing technology. Duties including assay optimization, sample analyzing, assay troubleshooting, automation support, assay characterization and validation, generating SOPs.
  • Follow established protocols for specimen processing, testing, inventory management and data recording.
  • Perform installation and maintenance of laboratory instruments and equipment.
  • Label, validate, accession samples and enter patient information into the Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).
  • Perform quality control methods and conduct analysis for the evaluation of manufactured kits, reagents and raw materials.
  • Work with the broader Assay Development team to maximize assay performance across all functional assay elements, and to automate/streamline novel assays to meet clinical performance requirements
  • Implementing standard operating procedures for current GLP and future CLIA facility
  • Effectively present data internally to other Seer scientists and technologists


The successful candidate for the position of Research Associate, Assay Development will have demonstrated analytical and assay work in academia and/or life sciences industry. The ideal candidate will have 1-4 years’ experience supporting and implementing assays in an industrial biotech setting.

They must bring teamwork skills, an attention to detail, and superior productivity.

Desired requirements include:

  • A BS or MS with a strong academic background in biological sciences.
  • Experience with standard molecular biology techniques strongly preferred (i.e. ELISA, protein/peptide sample prep and separation, RNA and DNA preparations).
  • Strong written and oral communications skills, with demonstrated experience in cross-functional and timely communication
  • Strong and collaborative work ethic; must be a self-starter and persistent in achieving objectives to support Seer’s scientific and business goals
  • Must work well in a small team setting, with ability to work independently and collaboratively, while meeting scheduled deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Highly organized, exceptional attention to detail, and strong proficiency in documentation skills


BS or MS in a relevant scientific discipline, and 1-4 years of industry experience in relevant field is required. Specific title and responsibilities are flexible to match a given candidate’s experience.