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From a pinhole to a panorama

Proteins are functional drivers of biology and thus key indicators of status in any living organism. To truly understand biology, we must empower researchers with the tools necessary to discover, annotate, and understand the rich universe of the proteome.

For decades, a critical limiting factor has been the inability to access the proteome in an unbiased, deep manner rapidly and at the scale necessary to survey and understand its diversity.

To create a more transformative view of the proteome, we had to create a new technology; one that provides a new lens on the proteome, enabling researchers to see the breadth, depth and dynamic nature of proteome diversity across populations and time. This is done across orders of magnitude of protein abundance; and is applicable to longitudinal population studies in a rapid and robust manner. While technologies exist today that can provide one or more of these attributes, Seer is expected to be the first to combine them all into a single, efficient workflow.

We aim to empower researchers to see more of the proteome and understand more of its diversity

Population Scale

Provide functional context for the genome by linking genetic variants to proteoforms (protein variants)
Generate definitive stratification of patients based on actual proteomic data versus genomic inferences
Develop better markers for early disease detection
Improve the timeline and probability of success for therapeutic development

Our approach starts with proprietary engineered nanoparticles developed to maximize proteomic insights – simply and robustly.

Seer’s technology delivers the unique combination of attributes necessary for a transformative approach to proteomics:


Unbiased coverage


Unbiased coverage:

See what’s there– not just what you are searching for or what you can capture

Deep Access


Deep access:

Survey and represent the entire dynamic range of the proteome – even in complex samples such as plasma and serum

Rapid Workflow


Rapid workflow:

Rely on an optimized, robust workflow to complete your projects – fast and with minimal hands on time

Scalable Technology


Scalable technology:

Scale both assay design and study size – including large sample longitudinal studies

See more of the proteome

The unique properties of Seer’s engineered nanoparticles enable you to explore the proteome in new ways

Broad affinity range

Broad affinity range:

Reproducible and selective binding without prior knowledge, using engineered nanoparticles that allow unbiased interrogation of proteoforms

Quantitative compression of the dynamic range renders low abundant proteins visible to detectors

Tunable physiochemical properties

Tunable physiochemical properties:

Nearly infinite combination of distinct nanoparticle designs to survey the full richness of proteoform diversity

Removes complexity of experiments

Robust, simple, and scalable

Robust, simple, and scalable:

Reproducible performance across samples, labs, and experiments

Automated, easy to use, and scalable workflow eliminates the need for lengthy and costly depletion and fractionation required with existing processes, making it simple to see the proteome complexity

Power proteomic discovery with the Proteograph™ product suite

Designed for unbiased, deep, and rapid proteomics experiments that scale without sacrifice

The Proteograph™ suite of products includes optimized reagents and consumables, automation, and software. Its protocols integrate seamlessly with nearly all existing mass spectrometers. Our product suite is designed to enable you to complete a proteomics study with an unprecedented combination of speed, efficiency, and data output.

The Proteograph workflow is optimized for multiple samples in a single run and includes quality controls to ensure robust measurements. With it, you’ll accurately survey thousands of proteins with precision—and without sacrificing nuance—in hours. The Proteograph solution delivers the quantitation, accuracy, precision, and reproducibility you need to tackle proteome studies of varying sizes with confidence.

The Proteograph™ product suite :




Simple, elegant preparation

Put Seer’s proprietary nanoparticles to work with an easy-to-use assay solution.




A single, unified workflow

Go from sample to seeing more quickly, using Seer’s liquid handling automation solution.

Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry*

Seamless lab integration

Integrate with the LC-MS/MS your lab already uses.

* User Supplied

Data Analysis

Data Analysis


A clearer view of the proteome

A scalable analysis suite to QC, analyze and integrate data with a scalable analysis suite for reliable insights.