Head of Product Marketing

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Would you like to take part in creating innovative new products that can transform how we do life science research? Do you aspire to create new markets and applications for products that could redefine how molecular information is collected and analyzed? Are you looking to build a world class commercial team to bring these products to leading researchers in academia and industry?

At Seer, our mission is to transform medicine by providing proteomic information at a scale and depth of content that has not been achieved before. Through our technology platform called the ProteographTM, our team will focus on developing innovative reagents and instrumentation products for researchers, that will enable transformative medical applications such as liquid biopsy for the early detection of cancer and other devastating diseases. We are supported in our mission by experienced and accomplished scientists and board members, and leading healthcare investors.

As Head of Product Marketing for Seer, you are accountable for all product marketing deliverables. You’ll collaborate closely with our proteomics experts, biomaterial engineers, and data scientists to develop product concepts, applications and products that address multi-billion-dollar opportunities. With this team, you’ll create product market strategies that will create tremendous value for life sciences researchers and monetize the value of the Proteograph platform. You will then translate those strategies into execution plans for product development and commercialization, personally driving the marketing aspects of those plans. You will contribute to a variety of R&D and technology programs; and have broad influence in work central to Seer’s strategic goals.


Use your deep experience in the life sciences arena to help us develop and commercialize our novel reagents and instrumentation products that we ultimately believe will have as great or greater impact than previous blockbuster technologies that have transformed gene expression analyses and gene sequencing.

During the first year, your goals will include:

  • Develop an overall product market roadmap in the space of reagents and instrumentation products for life sciences researchers in academia and industry
  • Create the market and competitive intelligence infrastructure, including market research, that will bring deep understanding of opportunities and threats, enabling our products to win in the market
  • Work with R&D leaders to develop specific development plans for every product in the roadmap, bringing market insights to inform key decisions on timelines, risks, customer value propositions, product specifications, and customer requirements for supply chain and other partners
  • Build the tactical marketing infrastructure, including relationships with key marketing partners, promotional materials, and demand-generation campaigns to maximize the customer reach and value of our products
  • Co-lead the development of Seer’s commercial infrastructure, including providing critical input to development of sales teams, development and distribution partners, and commercial operations
  • Develop and coordinate an external network of key opinion leaders to help you drive product market strategy at Seer
  • Work with business development and R&D teams to identify and pursue new product opportunities that can expand the reach of our products


At Seer, we believe that we need people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, as part of our high-performance culture. We require that people continually challenge each other’s assumptions with fresh perspectives, data, and creative ideas. We are committed to building an open, diverse, and inclusive environment for all employees.

Seer is a fantastic place to be an entrepreneur. If you excel in dynamic environments where people are committed to developing transformative products, customer value, and large and growing markets, this is the role for you.

We would love to hear from you if:

  • You have 10+ years of experience in product marketing and development in the life sciences arena; experience in proteomics markets a plus
  • You have a strong understanding of research customers in academia and industry, as demonstrated by your contributions to product development and/or marketing
  • You hold a Master’s or PhD degree in a relevant scientific or technical field, e.g. molecular biology, cancer biology, protein chemistry, genetics
  • You have a demonstrated ability to foster deep and lasting professional relationships with customers and industry KOLs
  • You thrive in an environment of high-performance teams

Seer offers the opportunity to work with a world-class team to build transformative products and change the field of life sciences research. Additionally, as an early hire for our commercial team, you will have the opportunity to make a lasting and personal imprint on a rapidly growing company with high aspirations. We welcome you to join us!