CLIA Tech Supervisor/Lab Manager

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Seer is seeking a CLIA Lab Technical Supervisor/Lab Manager, who will be responsible for establishing Seer’s clinical laboratory, quality management system, adherence to standard operating procedures, and guaranteeing that laboratory KPI’s are consistently met. The ideal candidate will have significant relevant experience and a track record of accomplishments in academia or in the life sciences/pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry.

The successful candidate is expected to have a background in a related field of study (ex: molecular biology or similar discipline) with 6+ years of experience industry experience in a Clinical lab setting and 3+ years managerial experience in a CLIA accredited environment.

This role will be based in the South San Francisco office through late 2019. Please note, the company is moving to its permanent location in Redwood City at the end of the year.


Areas of specific responsibility and attention will include the following:

  • Establish Seer’s clinical laboratory and Quality Management System
  • Ensure adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Ensure laboratory KPIs are established and consistently met
  • Be a key proponent for Seer’s culture of continuous improvement
  • Develop and drive strategic and thoughtful approach to employee retention, development, engagement
  • Effective training for laboratory personnel
  • Efficient design and planning of laboratory schedules
  • Ensure laboratory compliance and regulatory standards are met
  • Establish proficiency testing program
  • Maintain appropriate records of certifications, repairs, and maintenance for lab instruments and equipment according to CLIA and CAP regulations.


The successful candidate for the position of CLIA Lab Tech Supervisor must have a demonstrated record of accomplishments in academia or the life sciences industry. The ideal candidate will have had significant managerial experience in a CLIA lab. 

Candidates must bring a strong entrepreneurial orientation along with teamwork skills and an absolute commitment to competing with the highest level of integrity. 

Key requirements include:

  • B.S. or M.S. Degree in molecular biology or similar discipline.
  • CA CLS license (generalist)
  • 6+ years of work experience in a Clinical lab setting.
  • 3+ years of managerial experience in a CLIA accredited environment.
  • Work experience in a high complexity molecular test lab
  • Managerial experience in a high complexity molecular test lab
  • Experience with monitoring lab related metrics/data, drawing meaningful inferences from data, and acting upon said inferences to improve quality and efficiency.
  • Experience in CLIA/CAP regulated clinical labs / Biotech start-up/fast growth company or similar working environment will be very helpful.
  • Experience with automated liquid handling instruments is a plus.


A B.S. or M.S. degree and 6+ years of industry experience are required for this position. Specific title and responsibilities are flexible to match a given candidate’s experience.